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About The company

Founded in 2007, Ethnic Supplies is a social enterprise that seeks to end poverty amongst African women involved in textile and handicraft production as this is more sustainable and dignified way out of poverty. Today Ethnic Supplies  supports women in the East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Madagascar Rwanda by sourcing handmade handicrafts and fashion accessories from suppliers that support women to be financially independent or directly from established women’s groups in rural locations.

We are seeking  Direct Sales assistants to help our growing sales team.

Objective or role

  • help maximise sales
  • introduce the public to a  range of unique and ethically produced fashion accessories
  • provide first class customer experience
  • Grow personally and professionally as part of a dynamic business


  • Host a party plan at your home, church, school, Office or in your community
  • Help Raise awareness about extreme poverty and support Ethnic Supplies by selling beautiful fashion accessories, handcrafted by impoverished women in East Africa
  • Represent Ethnic Supplies at sales events/fares or Exhibitions
  • continually develop understanding of the company’s culture, products, ethical initiatives, other ares of business, and reflect this in everyday performance
  • take responsibility for personal development and actively seek opportunities for improvement


  • No experience required if the enthusiasm, aptitude and proven desire to learn can be demonstrated
  • Experience is a customer service role with face to face customer contact maybe beneficial
  • previous experience in the retail sector is desirable but not essential


  • Ability to initiate contact and communication
  • Confident, articulate and accurate spoken English
  • Ability to work hard
  • Ability to work hard
  • some knowledge of or an interest in world affairs

Attitude Required

  • Passionate about ethical/fair-trade fashion
  • passionate about customer service
  • Highly self motivated
  • Warm, friendly and engaging personality
  • Strong sense of responsibility and desire to get things done properly
  • Ability to use own initiative and work on your own or as part of team
  • Empathy with issues affecting poverty stricken African women


Is commission based at 20% for Party planners, plus a product of your choice if one of your guests agrees to host a party plan too
If you attend an event on our behalf you will get an hourly rate currently set at the national minimum wage on top of the commission

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward a copy of your CV along with a covering letter to

email address: admin at or ida at

I haven’t written much lately, as I have been nursing a nasty summer bug. Any how before all that happened I had the chance to attend a networking event organised by the good folk at Business Fights Poverty . This was one of a number of events that they have put on since January 2009  and the idea was to bring together practitioners, academics and other interested people from the business world to discuss how business can contribute to poverty alleviation in developing world.

The event on 14 July considered the subject of doing business in areas of conflict,  and the topic  we were invited to consider was

Peace and economic growth are closely related. How can policy makers maximize the impact of private sector for both peace and development?

At this stage  if you are like me you may wonder and in fact ask whether

  1. Business has any role to play in bringing about peace in areas of conflict
  2. What business opportunities could possibly exist in war torn areas
  3. What about safety implications?

It would appear that to a certain extent your fears/ concerns would not be unfounded as we soon found out from the guest speakers on the night Diana Klein from Peace, Building issues programme, International Alert, Andrew Bone Head,  International  Relations De Beers  and Lisa Curtis, Adviser, ManoCap. What is important to note  is that they also  provided solutions to some of these concerns,  and if all else fails there is INSURANCE

I found Diane’s presentation especially interesting. According to Diane business can thrive in conflict areas so long as they comply and are not seen to be contributing to the unrest. One of the ways in which businesses maybe unknowingly contribute to the unrest would be to employ foreign workers Diana went on to say!

I found this interesting as not so long ago our Prime Minsiter here in the UK was quoted to have said  something along the lines “British jobs for British workers” in response to strikes in the oil industry here in UK.  That being the case is there any wonder that folk in the developing countries would take to the streets in similar circumstances?

On the issue of compliance, I recalled a situation in Uganda where Mehta  an Asian owned business group was allocated some land in Mabira Forest an ancient forest in Uganda and the locals didn’t agree, here is what happened next .

What is interesting about this forest is that many years ago it was a 7 mile forest with numerous species of tress and you could not see beyond a few yards, today the locals have moved in and started subsistence farms, and there are holiday chalets for hire, but the locals were up in arms over the thought of their forest being given away to a foreign business company. If you are a company  what do you do in a situation such as this?

I understand that, that wasn’t the end of the story and here is the latest discussion on the matter

At the event there was a man whose job involves getting Palestine and Israel to do business together!  He had an interesting tale about getting all sides to work together as well as the results that ahve beena cheived thus far.  Earlier this year I wrote about the experiences of an olive farmer on my other blog

So do you think there are business opportunities in areas of conflict?

We are looking to expand our Advocate programme as it helps us help African women help themselves out of poverty.
Advocates are people that go out and promote our work either by telling people they know about our work or by helping us to sell our products.
The advocates that help us to sell our products can be anyone looking to earn an extra income or stay at home Mums with no income at all.
We offer a handsome commission to the sales advocates as well as an opportunity for them to buy the products from Ethnic Supplies at a whole sale price.

If you would like further information about this programme or our work in general please take a look at our website