African handicrafts enable poverty stricken women to lift themselves out of poverty. In many African countries women are still marginalized, excluded from education and formal employment but retain  responsibilities for ensuring that the family is clothed and fed.

We have a range of ethically produced and fairly traded fashion accessories, including: the world famous Kiondo, African hand bags and baskets peculiar to East Africa, Kikoy, wraps silk scarves as well as hand made tableware

Ethnic Supplies aims are to promote economic and social development of East African women involved in handicraft and textile production by enabling them to bring their products to the market.

We work very closely with our producers to bring you the customer the very best handmade and ethically produced African handicrafts and fashion accessories created using natural materials and method. The women we work with are almost always excluded from any form of employment and this is their only source of income, therefore buying our products provides valuable income to these women.

We identify our producers through a referral system, and before we begin working with them a company representative visits them to assess the integrity and the work of the groups concerned.

Our purchase prices are determined by the women we work with as they are best placed to decide the value of the effort that they put into the work that they produce

4 Responses to “What we do”

  1. Chris (LYF) Says:

    Ida – thanks for your great blog! Your coffee contacts in Uganda who are thinking about ‘changing their ways’ and who were interested in a direct trade approach…do you want to talke further? Send me some details if you like – and we can always chat by skype or phone?

    Great work – keep on..


  2. Hi Chris, that will be great, will drop you a line with my details

  3. I love your site. Keep it up !

  4. Many thanks Knowlegetoday

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